Thursday, April 23, 2009

You just can't stump the E Street Band...

Ten shows already and I can officially say this is not the Working On A Dream tour--not that there's anything wrong :) But looking at the setlists so far, it seems like the E Street Band can play anything! First, we got Mike Ness guesting on Social D's Bad Luck, then you got Bruce playing a request for a ZZ Top song (I'm Bad I'm Nationwide), one they haven't played since 1984, and then we got 'em playing The Ramones' I Wanna Be Sedated (Miami Steve must have been estatic)!!

There's still plenty of room for more tour premieres. At the rate they're going, it looks like every show will get at least one premiere. Glad to know that Bruce is moving out of his comfort zone and trying to mix things up early on in the tour, something he rarely did during the past tours. By the time the band hits Europe and all the big festivals, I foresee 3 1/2 hour shows, complete with fucking crazy setlists (just like the last leg of the Magic tour).

This is the best time to be a Bruce Springsteen fan =)