Thursday, May 28, 2009

Bootleg Review -- 4/16/09, Sports Arena, Los Angeles, CA

This is my first bootleg review. Hopefully I'll do more soon if I find anything worth mentioning. The latest version of the 2nd night in LA is a matrix (combination) of an audience recording and some wireless recordings. The result is almost 'soundboard like', very similar to last year's San Jose show (also a matrix). Hands down, this is the best recording of the tour yet. My only complain is that Bruce's guitar is mixed pretty low, and Roy's piano is considerably louder. I didn't even bother converting the .flac files into mp3 as it'll just fuck the sound quality up.

Aside from the crystal-clear sound, the setlist is also pretty amazing. Incendiary versions of Candy's Room and Adam Raised A Cain. It's my first time hearing Outlaw Pete in its entirety, and I must say, it really blows the already fantastic album version out of the water; the Wrestler too! The E Street Band's take on Hard Times is one of the best versions I've heard, and I hope Bruce will continue keeping it in his shows.

The definite highlight of this show (and almost every show) was the requests played. I can't believe they totally nailed Proud Mary, despite them never having rehearsed it before. Well, they did it play it in concert before, but not every band can do improv like the E Street Band. Bruce brought out Mike Ness to perform a kick-ass Social Distortion song and also my favorite, Bad Luck. Now I gotta go back and listen to that again! Only in L.A.....