Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Today is your birthday!!!

Bruce "The Boss" Springsteen turns 60 years old today! Despite his age, he's still going strong and has become the most prolific artist of his generation. Just look at the amount of new music he has released since seven years ago: The Rising, Devils & Dust, Seeger Sessions, Magic and Working On A Dream. And he's been touring very consistently behind those albums; and not forgetting 1999's Reunion Tour. As always, the E Street Band's still on fire (with many fans trying hard to stump them), and their best shows are just around the corner---five night stand at Giants Stadium, four night stand at Philly, two night stand at Madison Square Garden, and a couple more before closing out in Buffalo. After November, everyone's gonna be taking a very long break. The future is uncertain for the E Street Band. Of course, fans like me are hoping that this isn't their last merry-go-round. But knowing how Bruce works, he's definitely gonna be surprising us very sooner than expected :)

Quick update: Eddie dedicated The Who's The Real Me to Bruce during the opening night of PJ's Backspacer tour in Seattle. While in New Jersey's Giant Stadium, U2 covers She's The One (then moving into Desire). Contrary to many rumors, Bruce did not appear onstage with the band.