Thursday, October 29, 2009

The Pearl Jam/Bruce Springsteen connection

It's no surprise that Eddie Vedder has a great respect for Bruce and vice versa, despite both of them making very different kinds of music. It also won't be a surprise if Bruce decides to show up at Pearl Jam's final Spectrum show in Philly this Halloween to guest on a few songs. There has been rumors going around about this ever since PJ started their Spectrum run a few days ago. Other rumored special guests include Neil Young and even Jon Bon Jovi (I could do without him). Not only that, there's also a chance that the band may even play till 2am for their final show. If it's true, it'll be their longest concert ever, probably clocking in almost 5 fucking hours!!! But hey, it could actually happen; after all Eddie did say they'll try to play every song they know. That's really good news for us PJ fans (and Springsteen fans), because we'll eventually be able to own a pristine recording of that soon-to-be legendary show.

On other related matters, Bruce and the E Street Band will still carry on headlining tomorrow's Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame Anniversary concerts at Madison Square Garden, despite that terrible tragedy earlier this week. It's also kinda ironic that the E Street Band isn't inducted into the Rock Hall yet, thanks to some stupid bullshit rules. Clarence Clemons said in a radio interview that he's not looking forward to playing there. I guess we'll just have to wait and see how the performance will turn out.