Saturday, January 23, 2010

'Hope For Haiti' Telethon

Produced by George Clooney, last night's 'Hope For Haiti' TV special was quite similar to the 'America: Tribute To Heroes' nine years ago. As usual, most of the performances were moving and heartfelt. Some highlights: The Boss did a short gospel version of We Shall Overcome with his usual back-up singers. Stevie Wonder did a beautiful rendition of Bridge Over Troubled Water. Sting, backed by The Roots, played a jazzed up Driven To Tears. There was also this Haitian female who sang the most heartbreaking version of Many Rivers To Cross I've ever heard. And to top it all off, near the end, Dave Matthews and surprise guest Neil Young, dueted on Hank Williams' haunting Alone And Forsaken.

The performances can be found here on MTV.