Thursday, January 6, 2011

Pearl Jam 20

From the Ten Club:

2011 will be a yearlong celebration of Pearl Jam’s twenty-year history. The anniversary festivities kick off in a few weeks with the release of Live on Ten Legs.

A hint of what more to expect in the months ahead:

- A spring reissue of Vs. and Vitalogy in new, deluxe formats;

- The release of Cameron Crowe’s film,
Pearl Jam Twenty, along with an accompanying book and soundtrack album;

- A 20th anniversary destination weekend bash sometime in late summer;

- Plus a number of special events and new, unexpected releases!

Well, I can't really go to the mystery summer bash in the States as much as I wanna, but I'm sure as hell excited for Crowe's new film. He's a great journalist and gifted filmmaker who has a wonderful ear for music in his films. I hope this film will make the masses sit up and really listen to Pearl Jam. Finally I foresee the inevitable release of their '09 Philly stand. Blu-ray maybe?