Friday, June 17, 2011

New Springsteen album?

Back in March, session drummer Matt Chamberlain (who once played with Pearl Jam) tweeted that he was going to Jersey to record with Bruce. There were no updates after that, so we thought maybe it was a fake. Then two days ago, someone from BTX came across the profile of producer, Ron Aniello, from the organization known as Nettwork Music Group. And surprise surprise, his most recent credit included a forthcoming album by Bruce Springsteen! Maybe Patti recommended him to Bruce (he produced her latest Play It As It Lays). Nothing official yet, but it seems to me we'll get a new album sooner than expected. Also it's most likely not gonna be an E Street effort, which is perfectly fine by me. I'm always ready for some solo Springsteen. Ron Aniello is no Brendan O'Brien though, in terms of track records (Lifehouse, Jars Of Clay, Barenaked Ladies?), but I don't really care. In the mean time, we're still thinking of Clarence.