Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Pearl Jam Twenty - The Book

I finally got around to finish reading. All the essential knowledge one needs to know about Pearl Jam is in this PJ20 book. The format is similar to U2 By U2, the official U2 'autobiography'. It's supposed to be a companion piece to the film, so a number of quotes from the movie are more or less the same as in the book, except that the book has much much more stuff. Think of it as a novel and the film as a heavily condensed adaption of the novel. And like in the film, there are more pages about the band's first ten years, which are also the most interesting to read. Countless anecdotes scattered throughout, interviews with close friends, peers, influences and idols. And lotta awesome photographs. I like that the writers put the recording process of each album into a long essay form at the end of the chapter of whichever year it was released. However, the most notable thing missing is drummer Dave Abbruzzese's input -- he wasn't interviewed at all. I'm not surprised if there's still some bad blood between him and Eddie. For any PJ fan, it's a must to read this and watch the film, doesn't really matter which first. For me, I got more satisfaction from the book. It's further validation of why we've come to love this band so much.