Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The Year of the Horse?

I finally bought Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere (Archives remastered), and then on the same day, I find out from Thrasher's Wheat (credible fansite) that Neil Young has been recording with Crazy Horse! It is reported that "one album is complete and they are working on another". Back in 2000, the Horse recorded an album called Toast, which Neil decided to shelf indefinitely. Could this be that complete album? Shelving records at the last minute isn't something new for Neil (look at Homegrown and Chrome Dreams). He changes his mind so much it pisses his fans off sometimes. But I think a new upcoming Crazy Horse record seems quite likely, given the fact their last proper release was in '96, the criminally underrated Broken Arrow (Greendale in '03 didn't have Poncho playing). Hell, even the Archives guy said a possible Spring release! But of course with Neil, you never know...

UPDATE: Head over to neilyoung.com RIGHT NOW for something really cool!