Friday, February 17, 2012

Wrecking Ball - early press

Yesterday, journalists from all over the world were flown to Paris for a half-day private listening session of Bruce Springsteen's upcoming album (released March 5 and 6), followed by a press conference with the Boss himself, in efforts to drum up publicity in Europe. I've compiled several article/review/commentary links from various international press. So unless you don't wanna be spoiled with the details of the new songs, then read on:

Daily Mirror - "Why Bruce Springsteen is still attacking the fat bankers and robber barons" [link] - "Bruce Springsteen's Wrecking Ball reviewed" [link]

The Telegraph - "I enjoy artists who take on the world" [link]
- track by track review [link]

Rolling Stone - "Bruce Springsteen explains his experimental new album" [link]

The Guardian - "What was done to my country was un-American" [link]

London Evening Standard - "The Boss is cross" [link]

The Independent - first listen [link]

The Irish Times - "A rare and reflective meeting with the Boss" [link]

Irish Independent News - "The Boss lets fly at the robber barons who destroyed dream" [link]

AFP - "Angry Springsteen gauges gap between American dream, reality" [link]

Expatica (France) - "I back Obama, but from the sidelines: Springsteen" [link]

Rockol (Italian) - album review [link]

Espressen (Sweden) - track by track review [link]

The Local (Sweden) - "US should be more like Sweden" [link]


Wanna hear the new songs? Check out Backstreets [link] from next Monday onwards.

UPDATE: Also, the entire album has leaked. I've heard it and it is FUCKING AMAZING. Full review to come in March.