Thursday, August 1, 2013

Top Five

I may not always agree with Rolling Stone (their last 'terrorist/rock star' cover was just distasteful; read the full article, thought it was a riveting piece of journalism, but felt it didn't need to be a cover story), but love it whenever they put Bruce on the cover. He is ranked as the no.1 best current live act in music [link]. This is not an opinion; it's a fact. To 'commemorate' the new cover, here's my top five moments at a Springsteen concert:

1. Bruce making direct eye contact with me while playing the harmonica at the end of The Promised Land (Sydney - 20/3/13)

2. The E Street Band exploding into Badlands at my very first show (London, 28/6/09)

3. Hearing Thunder Road in the pouring rain (Manchester, 22/6/12)

4. The Clarence Clemons tribute during Tenth Avenue Freeze-Out (Sunderland, 21/6/12)

5. Prove It All Night with the 1978 intro.....twice!!! (Manchester & Sydney, 22/3/13)