Saturday, January 11, 2014

E Street Radio Interview with Bruce Springsteen

In the words of Rob Lowe's character from Parks & Recreation, this is literally the best interview Bruce has given since he got the E Street Band back together. He describes in detail the creative process behind the excellent High Hopes album and some interesting revelations about previous recordings that have never seen the light of day, at least not yet. It seems there's more stuff locked in the vaults than we can possibly fathom. His thoughts about the E Street Band's long overdue induction into this year's Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame is sure to make many listeners emotional. If that's not enough, Rolling Stone has also published the full, almost hour-long interview with Bruce [link], and it's a must-read for every fan. Basically, if I were interviewing Bruce myself, those would be the exact same questions I'd be asking. The BIGGEST reveal of all has to be what Jon Landau told Backstreets editor Chris Phillips at the radio interview: 

In that vein, Landau fills me in on something else in the works: downloadable concert recordings. Plans aren't totally hammered out yet, but it's something they want to try, potentially after each show, and he says Bruce is on board with the idea. Active discussions are ongoing and in the logistics phase; there are even hopes to make something happen in time for the next leg. Landau clearly understands that this is something hardcore fans have been clamoring for. (Though after fans, for years, have continued to point to what bands like Pearl Jam have been doing, would you believe it was a conversation Bruce had with Rob Thomas that greased the wheels? Well, whatever it takes.) "We're trying to keep the surprises coming," Jon says. "I think we are."