Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Summertime Bruce!!

So I'll be finally flying off to London this weekend. This trip wouldn't have happened if it wasn't for Bruce Springsteen. I'm just thankful I managed to get the Hyde Park tickets early, instead of holding out and waiting for the UK stadium dates, which never happened! Unlike the previous European summer tour, it seems like the UK fans aren't treated that well this time round. Besides the two festival dates, there's the single Glasgow show in July. On the other hand, Spain gets five shows before the band heads back to the States. But whatever it is, I'm so glad I'll finally get to see my heroes in concert, a moment I've been waiting for 7 years :)

I'll do whatever it takes to get to the front of the stage, even if it means queuing up early and sacrificing the beer, and staying in the same spot for ten hours straight! Besides, I'm really looking forward to the supporting acts (with the exception of James Morrison....zzzzz), especially The Gaslight Anthem. Actually, if it wasn't for Bruce's influence, I probably wouldn't have heard of the band, also from New Jersey. But these guys are a class act. They make great punk rock, with really cool guitar riffs, reminiscent of The Cure. Brian Fallon sings about what Springsteen used to sing about from 1973-1975; girls, boys, cars, the endless summer nights, the carnivals, the boardwalks, the promises, the broken heroes........Get their latest record, The '59 Sound NOW!!!

And then we come to the Dave Matthews Band. One of my favorite bands ever, I've been dying to see these guys live for a long time. I'll be seeing 'em at O2 Academy at Brixton on Friday night (26 Jun) first, and then again on Sunday, before the E Street Band. These guys are fucking incredible musicians, and are really a force of nature on stage. They mix up their setlists so much that you don't really know what to expect. So there's a high chance the Friday show will be very much different from the Sunday show (probably more focused on the hits). It's just a pity that Leroi Moore, the saxaphonist, isn't around anymore. Even then, he still could be heard all over their new record, Big Whiskey And The GrooGrux King, which I dare say, is their best work yet! Anyway, Tim Renoylds, a very underrated guitar maestro, will also be touring with DMB, so I couldn't be more psyched for the shows :D

But that's not all -- I'll also be attending the Saturday show at Hard Rock Calling, headlined by Neil Young. I'm just a casual fan and I only know some of his more well known stuff, but this is a 'once in a lifetime' opportunity to catch him; besides, next Saturday will be his last show on the current tour, so we're in for a treat! Not only that, The Pretenders, Ben Harper & Relentless7 and Fleet Foxes will all be playing, so at least it'll be a fun filled weekend.