Thursday, June 25, 2009

Yet another Hyde Park preview

A very warm greeting from London!! It's been a great four days so far in this beautiful city. Bought a shitload of records, including almost every Springsteen album -- Japanese import. I'm still missing The River, but I got the rest at 5 pds each :) It's a really great bargain! I also got the 'UK only' release of the greatest hits. It's a cheap way to cash in on the (so-called) UK shows, but I couldn't resist the cover art of the E Street Band, and besides, you can't get this compilation anywhere else.

The Hard Rock Calling website has finally released the performance timings, and guess what? Bruce and the boys are playing from 7pm to 10:15pm!!! That's more than three fucking hours!! Despite this being a 'festival type' show, this will still be a Springsteen show, complete with the hits and rarities. I'm so fucking psyched!!!

The only downside is that the other opening bands are given lesser time for their sets. DMB is only playing for over an hour, which kinda sucks. But thank God I'm seeing them on Friday night, so that's comforting.

Cheers again from London!