Friday, May 28, 2010

Exile On Main Street revisited

For the first time, I really sat down and listened to this record (remastered). I don't know why, but Exile had always been missing on my Stones playlist. Now it easily slipped into my top ten albums list. Exile is another example of THE perfect album. The remastered sound is more brightened up, while the mix essentially stays the same. The music's dense, but all the instruments can be heard loud and clear, including the background vocals. There wouldn't be Rock & Roll as we know it without The Stones. This record had just the right blend of deep south blues with country and R&B and soul music.

Can you imagine cutting that many songs (18) and making each one of them sound great? It's just incredible. I love the horns on Rocks Off. I love how Mick sings on Rip This Joint and Sweet Virgina. I love the sax and harp on Shake Your Hips. I love the piano intro on Loving Cup. I love the starting guitar riff on Soul Survivor. These are some of the many wonderful moments on Exile. Watching the new documentary, Stones In Exile, helped me understand what the band had to go through while making the album, and the tough situation they were in at that time. Though it sounds like they were having a ball, they weren't really recording in the best of conditions. It's also surprising to know that Exile wasn't exactly well received by the general public, until years later.