Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Rock & Fuckin' Roll in every sense of the word -- the Slash concert is the best gig I've seen all year. Just straight up kick-ass back-to-basics Rock & Roll music. The legendary guitarist was backed by an amazing tight band, featuring Myles Kennedy on vocals. Man he hit all those high notes perfectly -- he really could have passed off as Axel Rose. We were treated to a good mix of Slash's solo stuff and Velvet Revolver tunes. As for the Guns & Roses stuff, it was a good thing the right songs were chosen -- Night Train, Civil War, Rocket Queen, Paradise City, Sweet Child O' Mine. My favorite part of the show was Slash doing a traditional blues song, followed by a God-awesome cover of The Godfather Theme. He's an incredibly soulful player, and he makes the guitar sound so beautifully melodic amidst all those fast shredding notes and riffs. This was just as good as going to a GNR show, perhaps even better.