Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The Bruce & Stevie Show: Part II

Once again I got a kick outta the second installment of the Underground Garage show; I enjoyed this week more. This time Bruce & Stevie go more in depth and talk about the other important bands like the Kinks and the Yardbirds, and of course the Rolling Stones. Did you know that the Stones' cover of Little Red Rooster went to No.1 on the UK pop charts? The old pals also cover a bit of the folk rock scene, which in America during the '60s was just as 'impactful' as the British Invasion was. I've never heard Bruce talk so passionately about his favorite music.

And same as last week's ep, it's always fun to hear the old familiar hits on the radio again, which I assume are consciously put into specific sequences meant to provide the fullest pleasure to the listener. One song in particular caught my attention; Sunshine Of Your Love. I own the Cream version, but I've not heard it in ages, so I was pleasantly surprised by how incendiary Clapton's guitar solo was. Oh yeah, Jeff's Boogie rocks too. The Motown segment is a hoot; actually got to hear Sam & Dave for the first time! You can't ask for a better rock & roll radio show than this, so do yourself a favor and CHECK IT OUT :)