Wednesday, July 13, 2011


This is the first collaboration between singer Susan Tedeschi and guitarist Derek Trucks, of whom I've been a fan of ever since I saw him live with Clapton four years ago. Backed by nine experienced players, Revelator is ear-pleasing blues rock, soul and R&B. I dig Tedeschi's vocals for the most part; she does sing a bit like Bonnie Raitt, which is cool, though after a while I feel that her singing sounds pretty much the same throughout the album, but at least it rises above the average songwriting. It's a record that strives to be great, but falls slightly short. Trucks' guitar playing is stellar as usual, but he's not 'let loose' enough as you might expect, as opposed to say, not playing it safe. The musical synergy is definitely there, but nothing compared to what you get from listening to The Band. Also I wished there were more horns! Anyway the album's good enough that I'll keep coming back to it often.