Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Early Takes Volume 1

This compilation acts like a soundtrack and companion piece to the critically acclaimed documentary film about George, Living In The Material World. Most of the ten songs are from his classic debut. Early takes and demos are what they are, minus the bells and whistles of the Phil Spector production; there are no horns on songs like Awaiting On You All and All Things Must Pass. My Sweet Lord is played with a slower drum beat, no slide guitar. Run Of The Mill is probably my favorite solo song of his, and this demo is short of two minutes, but it sounds magnificent; it's just one display of George's knack for creating unique but emotionally grabbing melodies. Above all, his voice sounded remarkable. The cover of Dylan's Mama You've Been On My Mind is the highlight of this very short collection, which leaves me wanting more. But this being only the first volume, I'm sure we'll get to hear much more exciting unreleased stuff in the future.

P.S. Producer, Giles Martin, provides a track-by-track breakdown [link].