Thursday, May 3, 2012

The Weight

Bruce played an off-the-cuff, but beautiful version of The Weight in honor of the late, great Levon Helm. You could tell it was totally unrehearsed, but the band already knew what was expected of them and when to come in. Either way, any musician worth their salt should already know The Weight by heart. It's just one of those songs. Thanks to the fan who requested it. We all needed this. I think I can get closure now.

So tonight's Newark show (a first for the E Street Band) concludes the first leg of the Wrecking Ball tour. The European leg commences in less than two weeks, running all the way till end July, before they head back to the States for the fall leg in mid August. So far more than 70 different songs have been played on this leg, which is an outstanding number; most bands don't even reach 50 on one given tour. We can expect many many more tour debuts and possibly a couple of world premieres in Europe. I'll be watching the setlists very closely. I hope Patti Scialfa joins the band this time (we didn't get to see her during the summer of '09) and I hope Bruce continues to crowd surf and chug beer from random strangers. I can't wait to hear Tenth Avenue Freeze-Out, I can't wait to ball my eyes out during that song. Same goes for Thunder Road. It's gonna be fucking wild, man.