Saturday, September 8, 2012

Love This Giant

is this twisted or what??
David Byrne is another artist over sixty whom I greatly admire. He's one of those musicians you either get or you don't; there's no in-between. His work has a commercial and accessible quality and at the same time borderline avant garde. The solo show of his I saw a few years ago was boldly brilliant; a mix of rock & roll and interpretive dance. On the other hand, I don't know much about St. Vincent's work. But I will definitely check out Annie Clark after hearing this new collaboration. And this album is nothing like Byrne has ever done before; it's not something he would do even solo. It's music out of a nonsensical dream. It's music that jumps out at you and grabs you immediately. It's catchy, it's eclectic and very weird. There are PLENTY of horns; the albums starts and ends with horns. They are arranged and played in ways I couldn't have imagined, usually not what you'd associate with soul/r&b or funk music; it's almost like the brass section is a whole new genre in itself. I also dig the creative use of the different drum machines, which somehow makes the whole horn thing cooler. During my first listen, I feared this record would slowly tread into dangerous territory of artistic self-indulgence, after the opening song and single, Who, which is something most probably the average listener can appreciate. I am strangely repulsed and addicted to several of the tracks, for example I Should Watch TV and Lazarus. But the more I listen to the record, the more it sticks. I'm gonna get a lot of miles outta this.