Tuesday, January 8, 2013

NEW David Bowie album!!!

Silly me, I actually thought it was some kind of a hoax at first. Bowie turns 66 today, and what better way for him to celebrate it than to announce the release of his brand new album, his first in ten years, to the entire world. It's coming out only two months from now, and the best part is that all this while there wasn't even a single rumor that Bowie had been in the recording studio. Many thought he had completely retired from music, so his coming back is something we can all be joyful for. And Tony Visconti is producing! The single, Where Are We Now?, can be heard on the new website [link]. It feels very surreal, because personally I still can't believe I'm actually listening to a new Bowie song. I hope a tour comes out of this; would totally love to see him live again.

P.S. The above picture isn't the album cover for The Next Day. The actual one will knock your socks off.