Monday, May 20, 2013

The Gaslight Anthem @ Metro City

Dave Hause joins the band during American Slang
The first time I saw TGA in 2009, they blew me away. This time not so much. It wasn't a bad gig in any way, but I felt they could've done better. The band looked a bit tired, but then I could be wrong as I wasn't standing near the stage. I thought maybe they'd play longer, since Perth was the last stop of the Oz tour. Setlist wise, I'm more or less pleased with it. They must've put a lot of thought into the sequencing of the songs because it was almost impeccable. The Handwritten album was featured a lot, and it was actually one of the main reasons why I was back in Perth (yet again); I love the record to death and just had to see it done live. Yet to my disappointment, Mae wasn't played! A surprisingly good She Loves You took the opening encore slot instead. Here Comes My Girl was missing too. I would've really loved to hear more from American Slang and Sink Or Swim. Still, Angry Johnny & The Radio....what a cool moment that was! Of course The '59 Sound got plenty of airings, my personal favorite The Patient Ferris Wheel.

Brian Fallon was very talkative; he reminds a bit of Eddie Vedder, the only difference is that Brian likes to ramble on and on with no apparent train of thought. The result was some awesome, sometimes awkward stand-up comedy. When he spoke in between songs, his voice was loud and clear. But during the music, his vocals were pretty much drowned out by the band. Brian's just an average singer, but he's sincere as hell when he performs. He lives and breathes those words. Thanks to the lousy mix, I didn't feel that coming through. The guys were tight, but they could also get 'sloppy', making a few mistakes here and there. I've always liked that raw, imperfect quality in a live rock band. Benny Horowitz, as usual, was a fucking monster on the drums. Loved the final one-two punch of the last two tracks off The '59 Sound to cap the show. It felt good hearing Here's Looking At You, Kid for the first time!

1. Handwritten
2. Old White Lincoln
3. The '59 Sound
4. Even Cowgirls Get The Blues
5. American Slang
6. The Patient Ferris Wheel
7. Biloxi Parish
8. Angry Johnny And The Radio
9. Astro Zombies (Misfits cover)
10. Howl
11. "45"
12. SeƱor And The Queen
13. Wooderson
14. The Queen Of Lower Chelsea
15. Too Much Blood
16. Great Expectations
17. Keepsake

18. She Loves You
19. Mulholland Drive
20. Here's Looking At You, Kid
21. The Backseat

Metro City club after the show
One of the highlights of the night was supporting act, Dave Hause, lead singer of The Loved Ones. He and Gaslight go way back. Towards the end of his 45min solo set, he even did a medley that included Joe Strummer's Coma Girl, and The Hold Steady's Constructive Summer (which has a Strummer reference inside).