Thursday, November 21, 2013

High Hopes

Out Nov 25

It's officially coming out next Monday! And this certainly raises a few questions. High Hopes, as we all know, is a cover song [link], and it's unusual for a cover to be the lead single for Bruce's upcoming album (The Seeger Sessions not withstanding), rumored to be released in January. On the other hand, there was another new rumor, a solid one apparently but I'm rather skeptical of it, that High Hopes is actually going to be part of a new compilation album of outtakes and covers, done Tracks style. For all we know, this song may just be part of a small digital-only EP (like Magic Tour Highlights in 2008) put out to further promote the South African & Australian shows early next year. That's one possibility, though I doubt it, because if Bruce Inc. were to release an EP, they would've just released the whole thing at one go. I think the new (original) album theory makes more sense, and if it turns out that way, there will usually be an official press release to coincide with the single.

Now, the song itself -- It has leaked already and it's easily available if one were to search the fan message boards. It features the current line-up of the E Street Band, in addition Tom Morello, so it's fair to say this was taken from the recording session they did in Sydney back in March. I've never been a huge fan of the original '95 version from the Blood Brothers EP, but I enjoyed this new one, thought it is very well done; it pretty much walks all over the old one, making it sound almost amateurish (with all due respect to Danny and Clarence of course). The immediacy of the message and energy of the song are very apparent from the get-go. The percussion sound is HOT. It resembles the live versions that were only played during a few shows on the Australian tour (was lucky to witness up-close Morello playing the solo with his teeth in Syd). This is Rage Against The E Street Seeger Sessions Band.