Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Leonard Cohen @ Brisbane Entertainment Centre

November 30th. This was the most exquisite and flawless concert I've ever seen in my life. Dead center, only ten rows and less than 50m away from the stage, I hung on to Leonard Cohen's every word, his every move. He was absolutely mesmerizing to watch, and he put on a strong vocal performance. He was surrounded by what seemed like the best musicians on the face of the earth, all of whom were impeccably dressed. The sound mix was perfect you could pick out every instrument crystal clear. Javier Mas and his Spanish guitar...... oh God, what a gorgeous sound. Famous Blue Raincoat and Chelsea Hotel killed me, so did the beautiful Come Healing, from his recent masterpiece, Old Ideas. The way he sang I'm Your Man, ooh man, what chills! The band members were given many opportunities to shine on individual solos, after which Leonard would tip his hat off and bow to them. I've never seen a more humble gesture made by any performing artist, and the man was genuinely grateful to be in their presence. The violin solo during Suzanne reduced me to tears, so did Sharon Robinson singing Alexandria Leaving. The show lasted at least three hours, excluding the short intermission in between sets. What a religious experience it was.

Dance Me To The End Of Love
The Future
Bird On A Wire
Everybody Knows
Who By Fire
The Darkness
Come Healing
Lover Lover Lover

Tower Of Song
Chelsea Hotel
Le Partisan
Alessandra Leaving (Sharon Robinson)
I'm Your Man
Thousand Kisses Deep (recitation)
Take This Waltz

So Long Marianne
Going Home
First We Take Manhattan

Famous Blue Raincoat
If It Be Your Will (The Webb sisters)
Closing Time

I Tried To Leave You
Save The Last Dance For Me