Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The Golden Globes

No surprise that The Wrestler won Best Original Song at the Globes. But what's surprising was that Bruce Springsteen actually showed up for the awards! He made a sweet speech, thanking Mickey Rourke, of course, for approaching him to do the song. And he did it for no charge at all. It was also nice for Bruce to wish Clarence Clemons a happy birthday. But I'm more happy that Mickey won Best Actor. He really deserved it.

Let's hope Bruce will win his second Oscar. Another heavy contender is Clint Eastwood's song, Gran Torino, from the film. On a side note, Gran Torino is a bloody brilliant film and it's probably Eastwood's last acting role. He really nailed that part; he's like Dirty Harry, William Munning and all the previous bad-ass roles he played combined. Not his best directorial effort, but certainly his most unique film.

In other news, Bruce will be playing an inauguration concert for Barack Obama at D.C. Lincoln Memorial this weekend, together with artists like U2, James Taylor, John Mellencamp and Stevie Wonder. Something to look forward to this Sunday.