Sunday, January 4, 2009

Little Steven's Underground Garage

The best Rock & Roll radio show on the planet. No one does it like Steve Van Zandt. I think he's just one cool cat. This bad-ass motherfucker got lots of talent. He can act (I miss Silvio!!), play guitar (with the E Street Band), make great solo records, promote great new Rock & Roll music (Wicked Cool Records), and that's just the half of it. Now he's coming up with a whole new curriculum to teach middle school kids in America the history of Rock & Roll (! If only we had this kind of music education here in $ingapore.

I could go on forever about his radio show, The Underground Garage. But I'll just say this; Fuck mainstream radio. It only appeals to the Lowest Common Denominator and it's controlled by DJs with huge egos and who know shit about music. I don't think they even give a rat's ass about the music. They're just in it for the money. But Little Steven--He's different. He's the first DJ I heard in a long time who actually knows what he's talking about. He engages you. He connects with you. And he plays the coolest music you'll ever hear. He still sticks to the same model year after year: playing the Ramones, playing music that influenced the Ramones, and playing music that the Ramones influenced. Isn't that beautiful?

This reminds of me of that Tom Petty song, The Last DJ:
There goes the Last DJ Who plays what he wants to play
And says what he wants to say

There goes your freedom of choice

There goes the last human voice...

We now live in a world of vanishing freedoms. It's vital that we cling on to stuff like this what they still last.

The Underground Garage