Monday, August 17, 2009

November 14: Members Equity Stadium, Perth, WA

At 9am this morning, I was a nervous wreck. 5mins later, I was jumping for joy. Buying concert tickets can sometimes be a scary experience. Though the rate of tickets being sold usually depends on venue size and artist popularity, I never take any chances. So I finally get to go to my first (but hopefully not last) Pearl Jam show!! I managed to score a decently good seat at the side, pretty close to the stage. Could've gone for GA, but I'd probably see shit if I'm standing on a level field with thousands of taller people in front blocking me. The ticket is categorized as 'Gold Reserved Seating' and it costs 132AUD, pretty steep for a stadium show. But since the show also includes opening acts Liam Finn (son of Crowded House's Neil Finn) and Ben Harper & Relentless7 (never thought I'd see 'em again), I guess it's kinda worth it.

Now, it seems that all the AU/NZ shows have almost sold out within the first day. That's pretty impressive, considering that Pearl Jam has a strong fan base down under. After watching the new Backspacer promo video (kudos to the 10c), I'm really psyched for their new album. After hearing the Fixer and Got Some, I've a feeling this is gonna be their tightest one yet. I'll be sure to give my review come late September :)