Monday, December 28, 2009

One Year Anniversary

It's exactly one year since the day I first started this blog. My God, has time really passed. 2009 is by far the best year for me, musically speaking. From next year onwards, I hope to write about more music and also non-music stuff, and not just about The Boss. But for the time being, for lack of a better title, I'll just keep it as The Greatest Show On Earth. I'm actually aware that not many people visit (or know of) this blog, and sometimes I feel like I'm only 'talking' to myself. But I don't really give a hoot. Hopefully 50 years from now, I can look back on this and it'll all seem funny.

I'm so glad this year is finally over. My current 2010 resolution would be to try to attend as many gigs as possible. Right now, I got the fucking awesome Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers Live Anthology to keep me company thru the new year...