Friday, March 25, 2011

Angles - The Strokes

I totally agree with David Fricke's 4-star review in Rolling Stone, when he said Angles is The Strokes' best album since their game-changing debut Is This It?. It's actually refreshing to hear the band return to their roots after that overly-ambitious First Impressions Of Earth five years ago. This brilliant new record is anchored by what I think are two of the best songs on it; the opening reggae-flavored catchiness of Machu Picchu and the indescribably awesome closer that is Life Is Simple In The Moonlight. Meanwhile songs like Under Cover Of Darkness and Taken For A Fool go back to the classic sound of the first two albums, and Gratisfaction has a great classic 70's rock feel to it. Most of the time I can't understand what Julian Casablancas is singing about, but that's ok. You're So Right I don't really get; too much electronics and almost Radiohead-sounding. I'm not a fan of the synth-pop, but I quite enjoy the song Games. And is it just me or does Metabolism sound like a bloody Muse song? Still overall, Angles has certainly lived up to its hype.