Thursday, March 10, 2011

Rolling Stone Poll: Greatest Live Acts Of All Time

As someone commented on RS's Facebook page: Bruce Springsteen first, and then everybody else form a line. And I'm glad to see Pearl Jam got into the list. IMO, they're a close second behind Bruce and then followed by the Stones (saw 'em in '03, but would love to see them again if they tour). And I still have yet to go for a Who gig, and though we'll probably never get to see Pink Floyd again, I'll settle for Roger Waters, hopefully later this year down under if he comes. As for Grateful Dead, I can probably die happy if I can get to a Furthur gig next year in the States!

1) Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band
2) The Rolling Stones
3) The Who
4) Pink Floyd
5) Led Zeppelin
6) U2
7) Queen
8) Pearl Jam
9) The Grateful Dead
10) Kiss

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