Thursday, May 12, 2011

The Evolution of Bob Dylan

Rolling Stone has put the man on the cover, to commemorate his 70th birthday (24 May). One feature I particularly enjoyed reading; the different eras of Dylan, which I pretty much know already. Still it serves as a good guide for those just getting into his music. The one thing that has always annoyed me (and I've experienced this before) is the fact that many casual listeners always seem to perceive him as a protest singer-songwriter; they're still stuck in the '60s.

1960 - 1962: The Folk Revivalist
1962 - 1964: The Protest Singer
1965 - 1966: The Electric Years
1967 - 1973: The Reclusive Genius
1974 - 1978: The Traveling Years
1979 - 1981: The Born-Again Christian
1982 - 1987: The Mid-Life Crisis
1988 - 1996: The Start of the Neverending Tour
1997 - 2011: The Great Comeback

If you want the trippy version of this, watch Todd Haynes' biopic, I'm Not There.