Thursday, May 19, 2011

Move Like This

It's like The Cars never went on a 24-year hiatus. Their latest album has the band (minus late singer/bassist Benjamin Orr) picking up from where they left off. You can put it side by side with albums like Candy-O and their debut. I got into the game very late, only taking notice of the band after watching Fast Times At Ridgemont High (you know what scene I’m talking about!), but good thing I did cause I wouldn’t have appreciated them say even five years ago. Most of the songs on Move Like This boast a fine blending of Elliot Easton’s crunchy guitars and Greg Hawkes’s keyboards, to create that new wave power pop long-time fans are familiar with, but this time with a more modern production. And then the occasional hand-clap, like in the super-catchy Sad Song. The ballad, Soon sounds very much like their old hit, Drive. Another standout is Free; with Whip It-like guitar playing. Ric Ocasek sounds more or less the same, still as kooky as before, and he hasn’t lost his songwriting chops. Lesson to learn: Don’t fix it if it ain’t broken.