Sunday, May 1, 2011

The Vault

If you don't already know, Wolfgang's Vault is the single best live music collection in the online world. A few days ago they introduced the 'concert video' section, opening another treasure trove of undiscovered gems. There's lots of wonderful stuff there, if you have the patience. I was blown away watching The Who doing Sparks and Young Man Blues (Tanglewood 1970), and The Byrds doing an instrumental Eight Miles High. There's also footage of The Band's last show (aka The Last Waltz). We finally get to see the performances not in the film; like Joni doing Arcadian Driftwood, Neil on Four Strong Winds, and Dylan on Hazel & I Don't Believe You, and many other songs. The video quality is pretty poor, though it's interesting to watch it from another perspective. Go for the sound.