Saturday, June 9, 2012

Patti & Neil

Yesterday at the Book Expo America in New York City, Patti Smith sat down with Neil Young to discuss his upcoming book, Waging Heavy Peace, and his music. CLICK HERE to read what went down. I for one couldn't be more ecstatic that Neil's finally releasing his memoir. Thus far the only biography about him worth reading is Shakey, and in the foreword written by the man himself, he swore he'd never ever write a book of his own. And look what he's doing now! It's already up for pre-order at Amazon [link]. Patti Smith and her longtime band will be opening for Neil Young & Crazy Horse this fall in the States and Canada, and I reckon it'll be a total sonic mindfuck. I'm pretty bumped I'll miss seeing her live by just two days this last week of June in the UK. But I'll definitely be there if she's touring Japan or down under next year. Same for the Horse.

UPDATE: NPR Fresh Air interview about Americana [link]
                  BBC Radio 4 Front Row interview [link]