Thursday, June 7, 2012

Haven't been covering much Pearl Jam here lately, but I thought this is worth mentioning: the official website just got a makeover. Check it out [link]. There's more cool stuff on the activism page. And under the shop's bootleg section, there is a new live release, part of the ongoing Vault Series. This one's from a special 10c-only show at Chicago's Vic Theater back in '07; I'll hold off making a purchase until the site is more up and running. Also we should see the PJ20 (Alpine Valley) boots available for sale soon. We're less than two weeks away from PJ's European tour. It's the band's first show this year, and Manchester is only my second show (my first one was the opening show of the '09 Australian tour). So much of the excitement comes from not knowing exactly what they'll play. No other mainstream act mixes up setlists on a nightly basis like they do. It's just incredible, their dedication to their audiences. There are couple of songs I'm hoping to hear, usually the elusive ones; Immortality, Faithfull, Hold On, I Got ID, In Hiding. And Release and Baba O'Riley to open and close the show respectively would be something. But whatever it is, I know I'm still gonna get a great show.