Thursday, October 6, 2011

Goodbye, Steve

Since everyone's saying something, I might as well too. If it wasn't for Mr. Steve Jobs and his revolutionizing the music industry, my immense music collection would be in a big mess. So I'm forever thankful for him for coming up with iTunes, and also not forgetting the Macbook Pro, which has made my life so much easier and fun. And the iPod -- I've stuck with it for the past seven years (only changed twice), long enough to realize that I shouldn't be sticking headphones into my ears so much and instead, move back to the old days of just buying the physical CDs and listening to them at home on the hi-fi. But I'm still holding on to the iPod, and while I don't listen to it as much as I used to, I still treasure the fact that I can store my entire Springsteen live bootleg collection and travel around the world with it in my pocket. Also I can't believe the countless ideas I've had just by listening to it, riding on the bus and train. For example, the overwhelming amount of playlists I've created on-the-go as I scroll through the artists and albums and songs. Playlists, when done right, are one of the best tools for creating and fostering relationships with people. Meanwhile, the man tried his best to save the music industry. Obviously it couldn't be saved, but if it weren't for him, the business would have been in much deeper shit than it is now, probably even gone. He and his gang were goddamn geniuses. Rest in peace, Steve.