Monday, October 3, 2011

Mockingbird Time

"I want to make something for you that brings you joy", sings Mark Olsen in the title track of the new Jayhawks record, the first since 1995's Tomorrow The Green Grass to feature the two founders and principle singer-songwriters Olsen and Gary Louris. I love all the stuff they've done together, so this one is no different. They've got some great harmonies and melodies going and because both their voices sound so different, when put together it sounds magical. This is an album with no skippable tracks and it's always a huge plus if there's some sort of narrative or musical flow from song to song. If there's one that jumps out at me, it's Cinnamon Love -- I'd imagine it's something Buffalo Springfield or CSN would do if they were recording today. If you like your rock & roll, country, blues and folk jumbled up together, then this is the album to get! At the end of the day, any record that has pedal steel always brings me joy.