Saturday, October 1, 2011

The Immersion into The Dark Side

What makes The Dark Side Of The Moon the classic that it is? The repeating chord progressions throughout the songs, the talking heads ("I don't know/I was really drunk at the time" is my favorite), the lunatic laughing, the orgasmic singing on The Great Gig In The Sky and my god the most beautiful piano intro of any Floyd song ever, the delaying synthesizers on Any Colour You Like, the grand swirling chorus of Us And Them, the sax solo on Money, the explosion at the end of On The Run, the clocks going off in Time and the following drum solo during the ominous build-up, the transition from Brian Damage to Eclipse, the perfect unison and rhythm of the cash register sounds and Roger Waters' thumping bass, the way David Gilmour sings "hanging on in quiet desperation is the English way", and so on and so on.

I believe the newly released immersion edition of The Dark Side is a must-get for all Floyd fans. The 5.1 Surround (also included are Stereo and Quad) mixes on DVD and Blu-Ray are simply out of this world; it's like listening to this album for the first time. You get the '74 Wembley concert -- the album performed in its entirety, featuring some outstanding extended jams on Money and Us And Them. Play this loud, and if your hair doesn't stand upon hearing "I've been mad for fucking years", then better get your pulse checked. Finally included in this boxset is the original mix by Alan Parsons; surprisingly good, initially I found myself listening to this more than the final album. Lotta subtle but noticeable differences. And a lot more eerie laughs from the lunatic.

Other than Dark Side, I only got the remastered Animals (mindblowing) and A Momentary Lapse Of Reason; I'll stray away from the first four albums for now as I still can't get past their ultra-psychedelic weirdness yet. Next up: Meddle, Obscured By Clouds, Division Bell, Wish You Were Here (in November) and the big one, The Wall next February!!!


P.S. As part of Pink Floyd week on The Late Night Show with Jimmy Fallon, CLICK HERE to check out Pearl Jam performing Mother and Foo Fighters & Roger Waters doing In The Flesh?.