Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Death By Water

Dec 8, 1943 - Jul 3, 1971

How long ago was man promised? 
never again. no not again. 
no death by water. 

Yet how many questions arise like yeast. 
like the perfect dead: 

Was the red sea really? 
does man rule the river? 
did she/he drown? 
was it natural causes? 
was it sorrow? 

How many tears on your pillow. 
crocodile or real. water shed. 
brian jones drowned. face down. in a child's 
pool of water, youth fountain. 

Jim Morrison. our leather lamb. he feared 
the bathroom. he warned us. hyacinth house. 
how did he know. how did christ know. 
no doubt about it.

A marked man is always the first to know. 
he died in a bath tub. slumped over like Marat. 
the only clue was the red rash over his heart. 

Someone said there were last words.
water poured from his eyes. 
he was truly immaculate yet surprised. 
outside it was raining. storm clouds. 
danger waters. the tub was overflowing. 

He looked up.
then he cried out: “but you promised”

- Patti Smith, 1972 (Seventh Heaven)