Friday, July 12, 2013

Mind Your Manners


I stayed up till three in the morning to listen to the premiere of Pearl Jam's new single off their upcoming album, Lightning Bolt, and it was worth it. I like it very much, and my opinion of it hasn't changed after at least ten listens. You can't listen to Mind Your Manners without thinking of Spin The Black Circle and Comatose, or even Lukin. It's essentially punk-metal, with some Who-ish riffs thrown in. I wouldn't be surprised if Mike McCready came up with the melody for this one. Matt Cameron's drumming is MONSTROUS, and Eddie's vocals are rock solid as usual, though half the time I'm struggling to make out the words. But they sound really intriguing and deep; there's a lot about God and religion (sounds like Eddie is pissed off at the so-called leaders who abuse their power), a subject I always get a kick out of whenever the band tackles it. I have a feeling Lightning Bolt is gonna kick Backspacer's ass so hard. Only ninety plus days left!!