Thursday, July 4, 2013


All signs point to a new album and North American tour later this year! 

UPDATE: An expansive North American tour it is [link], with a brand new lottery system for Ten Club members to get crucial pre-sale tickets. After reading the details of how it works, it seems pretty nerve-wrecking getting tix, because the lottery is random and it's hugely based on luck. But it may be a fair and possibly only feasible way to curb the insanely high demand in cities such as Seattle, Los Angeles, New York and Philadelphia. And the management recognizes that many ten clubbers attend multiple shows. Seniority doesn't apply here, but it does when securing good reserved seating during the 10c pre-sale; they're promising the best seats in the house. As for GA, I'm glad the band has acquired the entire pit solely for fan club members. I do hope this system will apply for shows down under next year.....apparently there's a rumor going around about an Oz tour in early 2014. Meanwhile, there is another countdown going on: by this Friday morning (local time), the world will get to hear the brand new single, which may or may not be Mind Your Manners, off PJ's upcoming album, rumored for an October release.